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Improving seed value
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The first stages of development are the most important ones for a successful plant establishment.
Our experience has led us to develop different types of applications to seeds for the different needs of nutrition, protection, stress resistance, resilience in the planting stage of  the crop.
The advantages of our formulations:
  • Each product (that is) used is tested for its applicability on different seed species and for its performance.
  • Each batch of seed is analyzed using standardized methods before treatment to identify the best processing method. The formulations can be customized according to  the needs, for this reason laboratory machines are used to test the applicability of products at the customer’s request.
  • The formulations offer a wide range of possibilities to improve productivity and crop protection without the use of pesticides.
  • Research has led to the development of formulations that can be used in organic farming.
  • The seed produced with the different formulations is sampled and analyzed to evaluate the characteristics of physical purity and germination potential according to ISTA  standards.
  • The seed inoculated with microorganisms is tested to ascertain the viability and concentration of these microorganisms.

Inoculation with specific and selected rhizobia allows the development of more vigorous and more productive plants. Plants maintain a high  availability of directly assimilable nitrogen, thanks to the transformation carried out by rhizobia.
Inoculation with specific rhizobia and mycorrhizal fungi allows the development of more competitive plants. Higher in protein content thanks to  the transformation carried out by Rhizobia More tolerant of environmental stresses thanks to the action of mycorrhizae
Inoculation with mycorrhizal fungi increases the plant’s tolerance to environmental and soil stresses. The action of mycorrhizae favours the  absorption capacity of nutrients from the soil. There is also an improvement in the structure of the soil surrounding the root system and in the  resilience of the plant.
Completely naturally derived and environmentally friendly. Resistant and smooth coat. Naturally derived formulation that enriches the soiling with  nutritional elements support the development of the plant.
When wet, Watersaver formulation captures water and has the ability to release it slowly, thus allowing to maintain the ideal hydration conditions  of the seedlings even when the climatic conditions are adverse. Completely made up of components of natural and biodegradable origin.
The protection given by the coating enhanced thanks to the synergy with other products with different functions: disaccustomers of various kinds  of granivorous animals, enhancers of the natural defenses of the plant, adjuvants of the defense action against fungal pathogens.
Seed covered with natural fertilizing elements for a strong and vigorous development in the early stages. Fertilization aimed only at the plant with  formulations that do not allow the fertilizing elements to become nourishment for adverse microorganisms that can overwhelm the  development of the seedlings.
Healthy seeds thanks to the ozone treatment which allows a drastic reduction of the microorganisms infesting the seed and promotes the  vigorous development and rapid root growth of the seedlings, maintaining this effect in the long term.