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A Mycorrhized lawn is a healthier lawn, more resistant to environmental stress and biofertilised.

Mycorrhizal fungi are soil microorganisms that are very important for herbaceous species and bring several benefits to the plants:
  • The elaborate network of hyphae below the surface of the soil increases the potential of the radical system to absorb macro and micro- nutrients and water.
  • They increase tolerance to a series of soil stresses such as heavy metal toxicity, salinity, drought and high soil temperatures.
  • They improve the porosity of the soil and the movement of air and water into the soil.
  • They guarantee better and faster recovery from wilting.
  • They drastically reduce the application of chemical fertilizers.
  • They produce dormant vegetative structures during periods of environmental stress that resume their activity when favorable conditions return. Therefore they remain in the soil for longer periods than other types of inoculation.
  • They help the conservation and stabilization of the soil structure.
  • They guarantee higher resistance to the various soil and root pathogens.
  • They have high ecological adaptability and can grow in different environmental conditions.

NaturalPower combines the advantages of Mycorrihazae inoculated seeds with those of the coated seed:
  • Protect the seed from birds and insect
  • Provide ballistic properties to the seed during random sowing
  • Prevent seed dispersal caused by wind
  • Give visibility to the seed and therefore help uniformity of sowing