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NaturalBarrier is the technology of coating applied to seed. This technology allows the seed to be enclosed in a shell. NaturalBarrier means protection, nutrient supply and defense against pathogens in the early stages of development which are the most critical for a successful establishment.

NaturalBarrier has the following functions:
  • Protects the seed from birds and insects. In fact the coating components are non-toxic and - above all - birds and insects are not attracted by NaturalBarrier.
  • Protects the seed from mechanical stress and friction caused by sowing machines.
  • Has a high flowability and therefore a uniform sowing distribution.
  • Has balistic properties during random sowing and avoids seed dispersions caused by the wind.
  • The extra-resistance of the coating avoids dust leakage
  • The coating helps the breaking of dormancy and guarantees a higher immediate germination in species characterized by high dormancy.
  • The formulation of natural derivation carries nutrients to the seedlings.
NaturalBarrier components are of natural origin, completely biodegradable.
NaturalBarrier can be used in organic farming.

The protection of the seed with NaturalBarrier can be enhanced thanks to the synergy with other tested products, completely natural, biodegradable and allowed in organic farming. The applicable products have the following functions:
  • dishabituating different kinds of granivorous animals
  • enhance the plant’s natural defenses against pathogens
  • support the defense action against fungal pathogens
  • guarantee the beneficial action of the soil microorganisms specific for the crop.