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Nutrition and protection

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Soil microorganisms are essential for plant development since they mediate many activities such as the transformation of the organic material, the mineralization, the Nitrogen and Carbon cycles, the nutrients availability, the soil stability, the water flow, the bioremediation, the stress responses and the fertility maintenance.

Rhizobium bacteria and Mycorrhizae are symbiotic microorganisms that colonize the external layers of plant roots. It is from there - the roots - that these microorganisms protect and nourish the plant.

Legume seed inoculation with Rhizobia and Mycorrhizae is a new, innovative and effective technique, that concentrates these important microorganisms exactly where they  are needed.

Inoculated plants are more competitive, richer in protein content and more tolerant to environmental stresses, in fact:
  • they have at their disposal high quantitiesof nitrogen fixed by the Rihizobia
  • they are drought tolerant, thanks to the Mycorrhizae activity;
  • they are protected against parasitic fungi and nematodes as the Mycorrhizae compete with them;
  • they have at their disposal higher nutrient amounts;
  • they are included in a nutritional network;
  • they can transfer nutrients from dead plants;
  • they can down the phenolic compounds and toxic metals in the soil.