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Watersaver is a type of innovative coating that allows the seed to constantly have an optimal water reserve available for germination and in the early stages of planting.
  • Watersaver coating - when it is wetted- captures water and has the ability to release it slowly, allowing it to maintain the ideal hydration conditions of the sprouts even when the weather conditions are adverse.
  • Watersaver coating is made with components of natural origin and is completely biodegradable.
  • Watersaver coated seed can be used in organic farming.
  • Watersaver coating has high resistance and reduced dust.
  • Watersaver coated seed has the advantages of coated seed:
    - seed protection from insects and birds,
    - seed protection against mechanical stress and friction caused by seeders,
    - greater flowability of the seed which allows a uniform seeding distribution,
    - ballistic properties during spreading and wind protection.
  • Watersaver coating is compatible with tested treatments and inoculums with microorganisms.