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Healthy seed

Ozone is a natural gas with a high oxidative power effective for sanitizing a wide spectrum of microorganisms such as fungal, bacterial and virus pathogens. The treatment of  seed with ozone allows a drastic reduction of the microorganisms infesting the seed and favors the vigorous and healthy development of the seedlings.

Increased root development
The seed is rapid in root growth thanks to the response induced by the ozone treatment.

Enhanced seed
Ozone has a corroborating effect on the seed that is maintained.
The conditions of application of ozone on the seed are differentiated considering the susceptibility of each species of seed to allow to maintain an optimal germination and vigor  of the seed in the long term.

A treatment that respects the environment
No chemical additives are used in ozone treatment.
The treatment does not release harmful residues into the environment and can be used as an alternative to traditional disinfection methods also in the treatment of seeds.

Maximum effectiveness of the inoculation of benevolent soil microorganisms
The inoculation of the seed with nitrogen-fixing bacteria such as rhizobia or with benevolent soil bacteria is very important for the protection and productivity of the crop. The  inoculum applied to the ozone treated seed expresses its maximum efficiency, without the competition of the microorganisms present on the seed.

Essential to effi ciently apply natural products on the seed
The most frequent problem encountered in the application of natural fertilizer products is the rapid and abundant development of microorganisms that find nourishment and  risk having a negative effect on the development of the seedlings. The ozone treatment allows to maximize the action of the applied products without the over development of  the microorganisms.